Want to know more? NSF recommendations!

Want to know the bigger picture? Why it’s so important to get a Spitfire back to Norway? Norwegian Spitfire Foundation would like to recommend these books;

Cato Guhnfeldt: Spitfire Saga bind 1-7 (2009-2016)

Cato Guhnfeldts epic release of seven (!!) gigantic books about No. 331 and 332 Squadrons operations during WWII.  The collection is a MUST to anyone interested in the Norwegian Spitfire squadrons heroic wartime efforts. The books are in Norwegian language with added English captions and summaries. The photographic collection are enough of its own to buy this amazing set of books. Haugenbok.no (link above) offers free shipping which comes in handy with thick books like this.


Helner Grundt Spang & Eva Christianne Jørgensen: Den hemmelige kampen (1971)

Spitfire ace Helner Grundt Spangs own take on the mental strain he and his fellow Spitfire pilots went through during WWII as well as in post-war Norway. The book is in Norwegian language and available to read free via the link above.



Birger Tidemand-Johannessen; Spitfire, Norsk Jagerflyger i Kamp (2001)

Spitfire pilot Birger Tidemand-Johannessens own story from his career as a wartime Spitfire pilot. In Norwegian language.



Tor Idar Larsen; Spitfire Glory, The Wartime Flying Life of Leif Lundsten (2016)

This in-depth book follows Leif Lundstens amazing career as a wartime Spitfire pilot, from the early days in Scotland, through his magnificent time as a Spitfire test-pilot to leading 331 Squadron over the Normandie beaches in June 1944. In English language,



Svein Heglund; Høk over Høk (1997)

The topscoring Norwegian Spitfire ace tells his story of combat and flying during WWII in his own words. In Norwegian language.




Tor Idar Larsen/Finn Thorsager; Viking Spitfire, the Story of Finn Thorsager (2012)

Finn Thorsager of 331 Squadrons story flying Gladiators, Spitfires and Lockheed Lodestars. Partly Thorsagers own words combined with an easy-to-read present tense writing form makes this a good introduction to the subject. In English language, but also in Norwegian language under the title Gladiator; Finn Thorsager, fra jagerpilot til flykaptein (2009)



Cato Guhnfeldt; Marius, Skiløper, Jageress, Krigsfange – Historien om Marius Eriksen (2003)

Norwegians brilliantly talented Spitfire-pilot Marius Eriksen tells his story of escaping Norway, flying in combat, loosing his best friend and surviving as a POW in Germany.


Cato Guhnfeldt: Nattjager (2004)

Nattjager follows Spitfire-pilot Tarald Weisteens wartime career with 331 Squadron as well as his time with 85 Squadron flying Mosquito nightfighters. In Norwegian language.