Sola Airshow 2017

Norwegian Spitfire Foundation has created a specific Facebook page for air shows.


Sola Airshow

Photo: Eirik Østensjø

Photo: Eirik Østensjø

Spitfire Glory: Leif Lundsten Episode III – Test Pilot

Episode III – Test Pilot
Watch with stereo and subwoofer for the best experience!

6th June 1943, a different life for Captain Leif Lundsten begins. After 21 months of active service flying Spitfires in 331, it was time for a long waited leave. There was however hardly any time for rest; it was war and Leif was needed to fill a crucial role in the ever expanding RAF. Join him in the dangers of test flying, the thrill of acrobatics and the unique experience to fly one of the first Griffon-powered Mk XIV’s.

Wilhelm Mohr Tribute by Knut Åshammer

Starfighter to the air!

Geir Tore Gravdal captured the moment NSF board member Eskil Amdal took off with the restored F-108 Starfighter from Bodø this evening at approx 17:30 CET. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project, and to Eskil!


Eskil Amdal takes off with the F-108 Starfighter

Eskil Amdal takes off with the F-108 Starfighter

Spitfire Mk IX RR232 at Kjeller 4 September 2016 Video!

Turn up the volume, the sound is fantastic!