Spitfire RAB and P-51 Mustang The Shark have arrived in Norway

Photo: Erik T Hoelsæter

Photo: Hans Ivar Biribakken

Spitfire RAB coming to Norway video



Dutch media: Flying farewell in Eelde for Norwegian war hero.



Use Google translate if you haven’t brushed up on your Dutch lately 😉

Missing Man Formation Over Eelde performed

At 2055 last evening, Spitfire RAB flew over the barn in the southwestern part of the town of Eelde where Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg was shot down and killed in February of 1945. Accompanied by P-51 Mustang “The Shark”, we did a missing man formation. (photo via Lars Ness and Eskil Amdal, pilots in Spitfire RAB and The Shark)

Spit RAB

Spitfire RAB caught on camera by J Richardson

Taken from The Shark, Spitfire RAB

We are on our way to Norway!

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Spitfire RR232 (Wing Co Rolf Arne Berg scheme) with P-51 The Shark on its way to Norway