Ready for the coming display season?

Are you ready to welcome us? We are certainly ready to display!

We in Norwegian Spitfire Foundation are working on plans for the coming season.

Stay tuned!

Photo: Eirik Østensjø

P-51 Mustang The Shark Trailer | Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show

Turn on sound and watch this Merlin-packed trailer of NSF’s P-51 Mustang The Shark, coming to Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 23-24 Sept. Tickets: Like our page for news, photos and videos of NSF’s historic aircraft and airshows.
Produced by Knut Åshammer, Composer Charles Evans Composer


Flying Legends: Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for showing up in large numbers for the Flying Legends 2017 Airshow. Lars Ness flew P-51 Mustang “The Shark” during the P-51 tailchase sequence, in formation with Sally B, plus leading a tro of Mustangs in the Balbo. Steve Hinton flew lead in “The Shark” for the Horsemen display on Sunday.

Here’s some photos for you from this great weekend. Our guys on the ground can report not seeing so many people at Duxford in many, many years!


Steve Hinton leads Shipley and Friedkin during the Horsemen display

Saturdays formation with Sally B

The Shark coming in

Lars Ness taxis past the audience, Saturday

Lars Ness in formation with Sally B

Spitfire RAB RR232 Gullknapp 2017 official video

We can now proudly present Knut Åshammers NSF video from Gullknapp Airshow, Norway. This included air-to-air shots of RAB and The Shark as well. A truly magnificent piece of videomaking.

Martin Phillips’ Spitfire Mk. IX RR232 painted in Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg’s unique scheme, for the first time since the war. RAB with Norwegian pre-war markings on wings and rudder. W/C Rolf Arne Berg of 132. (N) Wing was killed in action on 3rd February while attacking Eelde airfield in the Netherlands. His legendary scheme now flies again for the first time – in Norway. This video is a tribute to all Norwegian fighter pilots that gave it all in their fight to bring back freedom to their country, of whom 82% never landed on Norwegian soil again.

John Dibbs photographs Spitfire RAB over England

John Dibbs captured the fantastic colours of Spitfire RAB over England the other day. The master photographer have truly outdone himself this time – Spitfire RAB never looked better!



Spitfire RAB by John Dibbs


Spitfire RAB by John Dibbs