331 Squadron – Alt for Norge

Directed and made by Knut Åshammer. Rolf Arne Bergs last sortie is well covered and the first ever attempt at re-creating the fatal day in video/movie/simulation.

We salute you.

Eskil Amdal back in action with The Shark!

Eskil uploaded these photos to our Facebook page a few days ago


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The Shark in Aeroplane Monthly!

Richard Paver interviewed Shaun Patrick and Lars Ness about The Shark in this years Decembers issue of Aeroplane Monthly. We are very happy to give you

the article free to read on our website.


The Shark in Aeroplane Monthly enter_shark-3 enter_shark-2

Norseman getting new a new, smashing colour-scheme!

NSF board member and Norseman pilot Finn Terje Skyrud took these smashing photos of a soon-to-be-done Norseman in its new colours!

Norseman in its new colour-schemegzb8u2pH9OAbM6EfQbwJCTKUSMVTz2T8sxaas5nboVM mYWuYUYy8j4eBLS-qACJSxvvWiOuxS3DiW4CtfbzH94 norwspitfire2 VRMJi1MXebWn3byq23NlDebEt5_ZNnhBXts-Bq5-qEQ

The Shark in Sweden (video)