Flydagen Sola 2016!

Lørdag 11 juni!

Sola Airshow

Spitfire Glory: Leif Lundsten – SCRAMBLE!

Knut Åshammer have released his second film based on the upcoming book Spitfire Glory. This is based on the events of 8 May 1943 when Leif Lundsten and Knut Bache shot down a Junkers 88 over Essex.


Spitfire Glory: Leif Lundsten – Circus 267

Knut Åshammer have released the first of several videos based on the book Spitfire Glory.


Knut Åshammers presentation of 332 Sqd John Bernhard Gilhuus Spitfire IX named ENILVRAER from 15 February 1943. Gilhuus himself loved to make airplane models on his spare time, and we are sure he would have approved this presentation of his dear Spitfire. Gilhuus died in 1944 flying a Hawker Tempest.




331 Squadron – Alt for Norge

Directed and made by Knut Åshammer. Rolf Arne Bergs last sortie is well covered and the first ever attempt at re-creating the fatal day in video/movie/simulation.

We salute you.