P-51 Mustang “The Shark” Contest Winners!

Wow, that was tough! So many good photographs from The Sharks display at Flying Legends 2015! There was so, so many of them to choose from! Many photos with Sally B, but (surprisingly?) less of the P-51 tailchase sequence. We also had two brilliant photos that had been through Photoshop a couple of times. I personally enjoy Photoshopped photos done the right way, and these were definetely done the right way. However, there were three photos that was found to be crystal clear in quality which stood out even more. There was no way to get around any of those three. A worthy mention to contestants Martin Buanes, Adam Setchfield,  Øyvind Fjeld and Gunnar Åkerberg who nearly found their way to the top three. It was so close!

So, without further ado, let’s see the winners! There are no first, second or third place. All three wins a Norwegian Spitfire Foundation patch! The winners will be contacted shortly!

Dan Humphreys




Eirik Østensjø



Neil Darby