Going flying?

Ønsker du å oppleve LN-TEX eller R-AF i luften? Do you wish to experience LN-TEX or R-AF in the air?

Kontakt Per Dybdahl på per (at ) norwegianspitfire.com eller 91356362 for mer informasjon!

Contact Per Dybdahl at per (at) norwegianspitfire.com for more information!

Vil du oppleve Norseman i luften?
Vil du oppleve LN-TEX i luften? Photo by Eirik Østensjø


Do you wish to fly in P-51 Mustang “The Shark” over England?”

‘The Shark’ is flown today by Lars Ness / Eskil Amdal from the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation. Eskil is also a pilot at Boultbee Flight Academy and would be your pilot should you decide to visit this P-51 at Goodwood Aerodrome, where it now resides, to have a go yourself. In a recent change to the regulations passenger rides in warbirds such as the Mustang and Spitfire are now a possibility. If you’d like to know what it feels like to sit in the back of this stunning Mustang and look over a display pilot’s shoulder while he puts the aircraft through the display sequence that you are watching here please contact Boultbee Flight Academy to book the seat. At Boultbee everyone has the opportunity to fly this aircraft and to experience for themselves the exhilaration of flying a P-51. Please make your way to the Boultbee Flight Academy website for further details and pricing.

Fly the shark
Photo by Eirik Østensjø