Report from RAB Spitfire to Kjeller event (with photos)

We all enjoyed a fantastic 18 June at Kjeller. Spitfire RAB to Kjeller turned out to be great success with lots of visitors.

Cato Guhnfeldt held an hour long talk on the main person of the event, Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg. In attendance was his nephew Rolf Arne Berg (with the same name). Also in attendance was Rolf M. Kolling who flew Spitfires with 332 Squadron during WWII. Norwegian Spitfire Club had its stand at Kjeller while burgers and soft drinks being served.

In the afternoon, a small airshow was held. The newly restored de Havilland Moth was displayed first followed by Lars Ness in Spitfire RR232 (PV181 RAB). Then we were treated to a great display by the British-based Harvard which NSF leased for the events in Norway in June. A display by a Norwegian Tiger Moth was up next before Lars Ness in the Spitfire, and John Dodd in the Mustang finished of the event in spectacular fashion. They performed formation fly-bys as well as solo displays.

NSF had our media-team present. Pictures as follows (all by NSF). There will be videos coming next!

Lars Ness at Gullknapp airfield
RAB Spitfire fires up
Spitfire RAB and P-51 Mustang «The Shark» in formation
Rolf Kolling and Lars Ness. Two Spitfire pilots of different generations in front of RR232 (PV181 RAB)
For many Norwegians, a fullscale RAB Spitfire has been a wet dream since the 1960s
Spitfire RR232 ready for display
Spitfire RR232 ready for display
Spitfire RAB attracted plenty of visitors, this one being taken early in the morning
de Havilland Moth
de Havilland Moth display


John Dodd in the Mustang
RAB Spitfire
Lars Ness gives Spitfire RAB a hand
Lars Ness gave a brilliant Spitfire display in RR232
Harvard display
Taking off
John Dodd takes off

Luftforsvarsmuseet sponser Spitfire RAB

Nå i juni 2017 gjør Norwegian Spitfire Foundation ære på Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg og de norske krigsflygerene ved å besøke flere store arrangementer i Norge og i utlandet med en Spitfire lakkert i Rolf Arne Bergs spesielle Norske fargeskjema fra høsten 1944.

Luftforsvarsmuseet ønsker å aktivt formidle Luftforsvarets historie, og gjennom dette har de støttet NSF med finansieringen av lakkeringen av flyet.

Norwegian Spitfire Foundation oppfordrer publikum til å besøke de flotte utstillingene til Luftforsvarsmuseet og Norsk Luftfartsmuseum i Bodø og Luftforsvarsmuseets flysamling på Gardermoen.

Missing Man Formation Over Eelde performed

At 2055 last evening, Spitfire RAB flew over the barn in the southwestern part of the town of Eelde where Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg was shot down and killed in February of 1945. Accompanied by P-51 Mustang «The Shark», we did a missing man formation. (photo via Lars Ness and Eskil Amdal, pilots in Spitfire RAB and The Shark)

Spit RAB
Spitfire RAB caught on camera by J Richardson
Taken from The Shark, Spitfire RAB